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We cordially invite you to participate in this BV100 event. You can join the BV100 operator team or you can make donation to support BV100 operation funds.
Support operation funds
Please make your donation via Paypal and then fill up the fellowing form to help us tracking your donation.
We will send you a souvenir set if donation is 50USD or MORE.[sample pictures below]
Souvenirs out of stock。
**Because this even has been finished, we no longer accept donation. thanks anyway!
Any question regarding donation, please contact BU2AT.BU2AT
Donors List
Confirm HB9ICC USD3  
Confirm IZ8EKL USD5  
Confirm SM3AF USD2  
Confirm JH2DBQ USD10  
Confirm JA8VBP USD15  
Confirm JH1ARX USD30  
Confirm JR5XPG USD20  
Confirm JL6LTB USD10  
Confirm IZ2BQF USD15  
Confirm JR3STX USD50 Send
Confirm IW2DRM USD10  
Confirm DL4FCS USD5  
Confirm JQ3MWA USD7  
Confirm JQ1YWK USD10  
Confirm IZ6ITZ USD7  
Confirm IZ2MHT USD5  
Confirm LA3DNA USD2  
Confirm UA5AU USD50 Send
Confirm JO3MXH USD5  
Confirm JR1UFN USD100 Send
Confirm OE8TLK USD10  
Confirm SP5LM USD50 Send
Confirm JP1FPY USD5  
Confirm JF2AIJ USD50 Send
Confirm BX6AK TWD1,500  
Confirm BV2NT TWD1,000 Send
Confirm PA3CNO USD10  
Confirm JR3NDM USD20  
Confirm JA7FYF USD50 Send
Confirm JK4USW USD10  
Confirm BV2DD TWD2,800  
Confirm JA6CBG USD60 Send
Confirm W9PRD USD5  
Confirm JA4TUJ USD5  
Confirm JA1FGB USD50 Send
Confirm G0FDJ USD5  
Confirm JN3TRK USD5  
Confirm PD0JMN USD5  
Confirm JH9AUB USD50 Send
Confirm JP1FPY USD5  
Pending = Pending   Confirm = Confirm  Confirm = Send
Souvenir set sample
Souvenir set sample

BV100 - Republic of China (Taiwan) Centennial Special Event Station