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Thank QSO
W9PRD505 2011/06/16 08:51 投稿   人気ポイント : 8512
To All the Man and Women operators of BV100:

I want to thank you all for the QSO, on June 3  sign  1117 UTC on 20M.

For 2 years I have tried many time to work Jimmy BX5AA and my friend Barry BV4VQ.

Finally today another attempt was made from the help of them, and a successful 2 way contact was made,

with Jimmy BX5AA ---Thank you so much.

I would like to work BV100, on 17 meters and 10 MHZ(10.108) +- QRM.

What has made the June 3rd QSO on 20 meter so unigue, my antenna,

a (STERBA-CURTAIN) normally up in the air at 115' feet pointed towoard Europe,

was blown down due to not only one but 2 tornadoes. They were class F1 Tornadoes.

I have the STERBA-CURTAIN up at only about 20' in the air.

I am still amazed that BV100 could hear me, and I was just barely hearing them,

There sent signal was R5S6 in about 2 week.

I should have the STERBA-CURTAIN back up in the air at 115 feet.

It will have to pointed Due NORTH. However that's fine, for that will give me a short

path across the N pole, directly into ASIA.

I do look forward to QSO again, and also future schedule on 17 meter,

I worked JH7VHZ, on 18.075 3 week ago, the time was 2130.

I hear Asia then on 17 meter(That QSO was a QRP power of 3 watts. she gave me 3-5-9)


  @@523  2011/07/19 22:04:04応答  
新開視窗瀏覽2011071922040429-M.jpg圖片BV100 AWARD
  BV2NT524  2011/07/20 12:02:48応答  
Congratulations, Bob.
You are the best, see you on IOTA contest.
2011/07/30 RSGB IOTA Contest BV100 Kinmen Island (BV9,AS-102)
Period (UTC): 2011/07/30 12:00 ~ 2011/07/31 12:00

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