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このイベントについてなにかの不明な点があればBV2NT に聞いてください。BV2NT
DL4EAX443 2011/03/31 01:45 投稿   人気ポイント : 9700
Will the BV100 QSOs be uploaded to LOTW?
  BV2DD444  2011/03/31 18:52:30応答  
BV100 is special event station
BV100 don't hold personnel license or station license
BV100 QRV from more than dozen different location
I don't think its suitable for LOTW or any other similar amateur radio log service
  BV4VR453  2011/04/03 11:18:26応答  
Dear DD:
I think it maybe the other way to try LOTW.
I also use LOTW and I can try to apply the license of BV100.
After I get the approvement, I can upload logs every month.
Thus I think we can try.
de BV4VR..
  BV2DD454  2011/04/03 23:56:54応答  
Step 3 - Authenticate your location (non-USA)-
Non US stations will have to send a copy of your radio amateur operator permit and a copy of another identification such as a driver's license, passport or utility bill.

Send to: ..................................
NO "radio amateur operator permit" (in Taiwan -->Station License) ever issued to BV100 By NCC
BV100 have no driver's license, passport.
Step 5 - Create a station location-
The station location contains all of the geographic information for your operation. This includes ITU and CQ zones, grid square, US State and county and IOTA number if you operated from an IOTA island.

Please be accurate and complete when entering the information in this step because this is how the other station will receive credit for your geographic positions from a QSO with you.
For example, You had operate BV100 at
1. your station TaiChung City(BV4,AS-020,PL04ID)
2. and MiaoLi County(BV4,AS-020,PL04JN) - JARTS-WW-RTTY Contest
3. and Liu-Chiu-Yu Island(BV9,AS-155,PL02EI) - 2011 CQ WPX
Can this meet the requirement???????
Final words,
Not because you or I say "we can",
Not even the team voted to send log to LOTW,
  BV2DD455  2011/04/04 00:19:27応答  
也許符合Step 3的要求。
  DL4EAX461  2011/04/14 21:11:45応答  
thanks for thinking about it.
As BV4VR mentioned, this should be possible with little effort if you know how LOTW works. Regarding the different loactions, this is no problem. You can define different locations for a single callsign. Then while uploading a log, you select from what location the QSOs within the logs are.
So if you like DXing and collecting countries, register to LOTW for your own callsign and you will love it.
Maybe BV4VR can assist you?
  BV2DD462  2011/04/15 00:39:55応答  
Thanks for info....
I'm talk about BV100 only,
No matter how easy to set it up for BV100, THE FINAL DECISION GOES TO QSL MANAGER
  @@542  2011/09/10 22:30:56応答  
TNX 13 Records ON LOTW

BV100 - 中華民國建国100年記念局